Welcome to Raymond James, Ribble Valley

Raymond James Ribble Valley, proud to be in the heart of your community.

At Raymond James Ribble Valley, we provide bespoke financial planning and investment management for our clients, who are largely based throughout Lancashire. We have a team of 17 people working in specialist teams, based in Longridge, to help our clients meet their financial objectives and life goals.

Our broad services are:

Getting to know you and helping you understand what you want from life:

"We help our clients discover what they really want from life and how defining clear goals and having a clear financial plan can enable you to achieve your life goals”.

Financial planning:

Working with our clients to help you understand create a financial plan to get you on course to meet your goals, but to then stay on course.  To give you the confidence to spend your money and enjoy life as you wish.

Investment management:

  • Create and actively manage bespoke portfolios for your individual needs
  • Cut out the need for third party services, which reduces costs
  • But also increases transparency
  • Allows us to invest directly and exactly in the themes and exposures we want

If you have any questions or would like us to provide a free second opinion on your current investments, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Wayne Hayhurst
Ribble Valley Branch Principal