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Financial Planning

Building a proper financial plan is the starting point for looking after you and your family’s future.

We work with you to establish your financial goals and help you meet them. These may include having a minimum income in retirement, protecting your assets to pass onto your loved ones or growing your existing wealth in the most tax efficient manner.

Financial planning
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Investment Planning

How should you invest your money to make the most of your wealth?

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Later Life Planning

Ensuring that the wealth you have worked hard to accrue is protected against Care Fees and Inheritance Tax (IHT) and passes to your chosen recipients, at your chosen time.

Financial Planning

Health & Life Insurance

Protect the lifestyle of you and your family from the disastrous effects of illness or death.

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Retirement Planning

Find the most suitable way to save for your well-deserved retirement. Maximising tax advantages and reducing unnecessary risk.

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Corporate & Trustee Investing

We help companies invest surplus cash and provide a Discretionary Management service designed to help trustees successfully reach and secure the objectives of their trust.

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School and University Fees Planning

Tax efficient investing to provide the best start to life for your children and/or grandchildren 

What do you want from life?

The most important step of all….where you are trying to get to. What do you want to get from life? What would you like to be able to do, when would you like to do it and who do you want to share it with?

Your current position

So, now we know the lifestyle you are trying to achieve and/or protect, we need to gather data on the assets, savings and existing plans you currently have in place.

Are you on track?

So we know where you want to get to and what savings/assets you have available to fulfil your dreams but are you heading in the right direction? Have you got enough saved? Are your existing plans the right ones to help you reach your desired lifestyle? Crucially, what could cost you your financial security and independence and what do we need to protect you from? Money is not like love…….it is not better to have had and to have lost than to never have had at all.

Build and agree your plan

We will present you with a plan to achieve and maintain your desired lifestyle based on what you want but also on what you need.

Put your plan into action

Once you are happy with any recommendations and fully understand how we will help you to reach your goals, we will implement the necessary plans. Let’s get your money working for you.

Ensure your plan is working

The only constant in life is that it is always changing! And so it is crucial that we regularly review your plan to make sure it keeps pace with your changing circumstances. We will sit down with you, face to face, twice a year to make sure we are always focussed on what matters most to you.