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At Raymond James, Ribble Valley we believe the best investment management begins with understanding our clients’ specific goals and requirements.

Once we have this information, we can design a portfolio that best suits your needs. Your wealth manager will work with you to devise an investment strategy that helps you meet your broader financial goals – these could include income requirements in retirement, inheritance tax efficiency, capital growth above inflation or ethical preferences.

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Our dedicated investment team that has over 42 years combined industry experience, working with fund managers, strategists and private wealth managers.

We believe achieving consistently good performance requires a robust and disciplined investment process.
Our process is guided by the following:

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Active asset allocation – our in-house analyst team use industry-leading research to ensure your portfolio is best positioned through various stages of the economic cycle. Their research and recommendations inform branch-level investment decisions and they work directly with your wealth manager.

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Diversification – diversification across asset class, geographical area, sector, fund manager and single security is a key way we manage risk in a portfolio. We believe portfolios constructed in this way deliver sustainable returns for less risk.
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Stockbroking – instead of being restricted by in-house funds, our stockbroking capabilities provide us with access to individual securities and bonds directly. This whole of market approach enables us to minimise charges, have total flexibility and accommodate the most specific needs or preferences.

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