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  • Challenges and Opportunities in May May 4, 2022 Whilst the spring weather continues to warm, plenty of financial sector issues continue to worry global investors across both equity and bond markets. Meanwhile heightened inflation levels continued to impact bank account balances, and the war in Ukraine has led to many tragedies along with heightened geopolitical, commodity and supply concerns. Continue Reading
  • Raymond James Ribble Valley Investment Strategy Quarterly. Come Together April 8, 2022 It has been 60 years since the Beatles signed their first record deal. The rock group from Liverpool dominated the industry for nearly a decade – and long after that as individual performers. John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr created timeless tunes and memorable messages that we can borrow today to portray our economic and financial market outlook. Continue Reading
  • Raymond James Ribble Valley. The Spring Statement. March 2022 The Spring Statement: The Detail Behind The Headlines March 25, 2022 If a week is a long time in politics, then the near five months since Rishi Sunak’s second 2021 Budget feels close to a lifetime. Back on 27 October, it looked like 2022 would be a year of recovery in which the pandemic faded in the rear-view mirror and ‘transitory’ inflation duly transited to lower levels. It has not worked out like that. Continue Reading
  • Ribble Valley Raymond James Investment Market Commentary - Citizen of the world - March 2022 Citizen of the World March 2, 2022 Events in Eastern Europe over the last week have correctly dominated TV, radio, newspaper and online news. It also meant that almost all equity or bond investors made losses during February, many for the second consecutive month unless - like the U.K. equity market - there was high proportional exposure to commodity sector shares. Continue Reading
  • Raymond James Ribble Valley Investment Market Commentary - Welcome to February Welcome to February! February 3, 2022 There is a famous quote by the legendary Belgian professional cyclist Eddy Merckx that he “raced from 1 February to 31 October every year, competed for everything”. Unfortunately for financial markets there is never a defined season, and, whilst 2021 ended positively, January 2022 will go down into the history books as being a little bit more difficult. Continue Reading
  • Raymond James Ribble Valley Challenges & opportunities Investment market commentary - Jan 2022 Challenges and Opportunities January 25, 2022 Whilst the application of many millions of booster jabs have given a strong protection against the Omicron variant, offering the hope of COVID normalisation, global financial markets have not had a positive first few weeks of 2022. Continue Reading
  • Investment strategy quarterly - 2022 outlook - Raymond James Ribble Valley 2022 Outlook January 6, 2022 Athletes at the Olympic Winter Games will either taste the thrill of victory or the agony of defeat. The same can be said for investors, as the easy victories over the last two years will become more challenging and hard fought in the year ahead. Continue Reading
  • Raymond James Ribble Valley - In the month before Christmas - Invesmtent market commentary - Dec 2021 In The Month Before Christmas December 2, 2021 The key for writing any monthly report is not to do it too early, especially during the end of November which saw the word Omicron become much better known than just by followers of the Greek alphabet. Whilst progress against COVID-19 challenges have helped almost all developed market stock markets generate attractive returns year-todate, many indices fell during the second half of November following concerns about the new virus strain. Continue Reading
  • Raymond James Ribble Valley Remember, Remember The Importance of November. Monthly market commentary - November 2021 Remember, Remember The Importance of November November 9, 2021 October was generally a positive month for global equity markets, helping to push many developed market indices to new 2021 highs. Whilst COVID-19 challenges remained material and new concerns about gas prices, petrol availability and general delivery concerns became more apparent during the month, so far the average third-quarter corporate earnings season number has been taken well. However, most fixed income markets have continued to struggle this year, even if many 10-year bond yields have not yet returned to levels seen earlier this year. Continue Reading
  • Raymond James Ribble Valley Budget newsletter - November 2021 Budget Newsletter November 5, 2021 Less than eight months ago, Rishi Sunak presented a Budget that was anticipating the ending of the pandemic’s impact on the UK economy. He announced extensions and end dates for the furlough scheme, the self-employed income support scheme, reduced VAT for hospitality and the £20 a week uplift to Universal Credit. To finance some of that expenditure, the Chancellor also revealed a 6% increase in corporation tax, deferred until 2023. Continue Reading