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  • Longridge Soapbox Derby September 22, 2022 Gary Ward, Head of Branch Financial Planning and Chairman of the Love Longridge business group shares the excitement building around the town for this years’ most talked about event: “We are delighted to be supporting this brilliant, new, fun event which is coming to Longridge in September.” Continue Reading
  • Raymond James, Ribble Valley Receives 4* Audit September 4, 2022 Raymond James, Ribble Valley Receives 4* Audit Sarah Carlin, Head of Branch Client Services at the Ribble Valley branch reflects on our recent branch audit. “We help our clients to make critical decisions about their future by understanding them, their values, goals, and aspirations”. “As a team, we strive to operate at the very best our ability, refining our processes and implementing new ones to continue to deliver a first-class service to our clients. As a result of our efforts to stay ahead of the curve, we’re delighted to announce that we achieved the highest score attainable in our recent internal audit”. “It is testament to the team, our hard work, and our constant drive to be the best in the business”. Continue Reading
  • Winter is coming, but greener pastures lie beyond September 2, 2022 The summer months are typically characterised by limited news, thin trading volumes and illiquid conditions which, can serve to accentuate moves in financial asset prices both to the up and the downside. The summer of 2022 has proved an exception. Continue Reading
  • Day One Of The Rest Of Your Life August 5, 2022 Like all major life events, transitioning into retirement will be an adjustment. One day you may go from your seat at the top as a powerful executive to an armchair in your living room. It is important that you are ready for that change, so you can step into your new life with confidence. Continue Reading
  • Financial markets make progress in July against a difficult backdrop August 2, 2022 The investing environment could hardly be more challenging. Global economic activity is slowing, Western developed economies are flirting with recession, inflationary pressures are extremely elevated, and Western central banks remain committed to raising interest rates in a concerted effort to bring them under control. The geopolitical backdrop is still as dark as ever; the war in Ukraine continues, China’s bellicose threats against the United States ahead of House speaker, Mrs Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Asia have become more pointed. Europe faces a natural gas shortage over the coming winter, Dr Mario Draghi’s Italian government has collapsed, while in the UK, the same fate has befallen Mr Boris Johnson’s administration. Continue Reading
  • Important Information Regarding Trusts August 1, 2022 If you are a Trustee of a Trust, it may need to be registered with the Trust Registration Service by the 1st of September 2022. For all Trusts required to register, the Trustees will need to provide information on the persons involved in the Trust (Settlor, Trustees and Beneficiaries) as well as details of the Trust itself. It is advisable that you contact your accountant or your solicitor, or a Trust Registration Specialist to assist you with the registration process as failure to register your Trust with the TRS could lead to the Trustees of the Trust suffering a financial penalty. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact our office on 01772 780300.. Continue Reading
  • Raymond James Professional Development Forum July 21, 2022 Raymond James Professional Development Forum Branch Principal Wayne Hayhurst reflects on his workshop presentation ‘Real world ideas to help you grow your practice’ at this years’ Professional Development Forum. The Forum welcomed delegates from Raymond James and Charles Stanley, who, alongside head office staff and sponsors, helped lead to a record 440 attendees over the two-day event. Our values guide our path forward, steering our activities and interactions to continually invest in the future of our businesses, colleagues, and communities. “The annual Raymond James Professional Development Forum provides a chance to reflect and consider the potential for our future; educating and connecting us so we can continue to provide the best service to clients.” Continue Reading
  • Tom O’Neill: New Birthday Cards July 12, 2022 For many, a daily hike became an integral part of their routine during lockdown. For those in and around the Longridge area, they will immediately recognise the adjacent image of the highland cows. These placid animals quickly became ‘local celebrities’, attracting a great deal of visitors to their field atop green bank quarry each week. This stunning picture was taken by local photographer Tom O’Neill and featured many times on the local community Facebook group, ‘Your Longridge’. Whilst giving our client birthday cards a facelift, we reached out to Tom via social media and asked if he would be willing to feature his striking images of the highland cows on the cover of our cards. Tom was delighted to help and as thank-you he asked us to make a donation to charity on his behalf. “I would like to say a huge thank you to Raymond James, Ribble Valley for using my images for their birthday cards - it’s a supreme privilege and honour for me to have been asked”. Continue Reading
  • Keeping it in the family Keeping It In The Family July 8, 2022 Give your family the best chance at preserving wealth from one generation to the next, advises Alastair Brown of Raymond James Continue Reading
  • Deciphering the Market’s Difficult Message July 6, 2022 More than 200 years ago, a French military officer stumbled across the Rosetta Stone, a 2000-year-old carving with clues to deciphering the Egyptian hieroglyphs that had puzzled the world for centuries. We don’t exactly have a Rosetta Stone for our perplexing market’s future – no one does. But just as the Rosetta Stone opened a window into Egypt’s mysterious past, we have some clues that might help investors crack the code in the coming months. Continue Reading