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  • A tale of two decades A tale of two decades March 29, 2021 It is fair to say that at the end of the decade the World is a very different place than it started. In terms of assets a dollar worth of bitcoin at the turn of the last decade is now worth over $90,000, whereas a dollar of the Myanmar Kyat is worth just $0.004 today. The Greek stock market is down 93% over the decade whereas the US market is up 246%. There were no negatively yielding global bonds in 2010 and at the peak in 2019 there were $17tn worth. Continue Reading
  • Megatrend Investing March 29, 2021 A megatrend is a driving force of the transformation and development of the human race. Looking at past megatrends helps us understand our present, the identification of ongoing trends gives us the means to anticipate what our future might look like. From an investment perspective, this is extremely powerful. We ask ourselves- in this future that we anticipate, which assets could perform well and which ones could perform poorly? We then use this to help shape our investment decisions. There is a lot of money to be made by investing today in tomorrow’s World. Continue Reading
  • The demise of Neil Woodford The demise of Neil Woodford March 29, 2021 Neil Woodford CBE was lauded by the BBC in 2015 as “The man who cannot stop making money”. Once Known as “Britain’s Warren Buffet”, his career now lies in tatters with his face strewn over the tabloids almost daily, accompanied by disparaging headlines. Continue Reading
  • The Tax Man cometh… and he’s quite interested in your pension! The Tax Man cometh… and he’s quite interested in your pension! March 29, 2021 When it was introduced in 2006, the Lifetime Allowance (LTA) limit was only supposed to affect a very small number of pension investors. That it now raises £110m a year for HMRC, affects over 2,400 people and is rising at an eyewatering rate may encourage you to check your own pension provision. Continue Reading
  • Financial advice for savvy women Financial advice for savvy women March 29, 2021 When I took my son along to his football practice last week, my daughter asked if she could join the team, this was the same when we went to Jujitsu the week after. Thankfully, there are lots of young girls keen to start playing football, which bodes well for the future of the sport. However, there is a shortage of female coaches for both sports. It got me thinking about the lack of female financial advisers within my own profession. Continue Reading
  • Raymond James Investment Services, proud to be in the heart of your community Raymond James Investment Services, proud to be in the heart of your community March 29, 2021 At Raymond James Ribble Valley, we provide bespoke financial planning and investment management for our clients, who are largely based throughout Lancashire. We have a team of 17 people working in specialist roles, based in Longridge, to help our clients meet their financial objectives and life goals. Continue Reading
  • Invest with the best Invest with the Best March 29, 2021 Head of Branch Investment Paul Gavaghan meets with Sarah Varley to explain how Raymond James Investments in Longridge are providing a truly bespoke service. Continue Reading
  • Planning for the future - interior of the Raymond James Ribble Valley offices. Planning For the Future March 29, 2021 Sarah Varley meets Raymond James Investment Services’ branch principal Wayne Hayhurst to find out how they are helping people meet their financial objectives and life goals in a very bespoke way Continue Reading
  • A different summer pause A different summer pause August 24, 2020 Financial markets are always a three-dimensional jigsaw, with new pieces being added and deleted at whim every business day. But the signals from the last month have been especially difficult to discern. In contrast to the bounce back second quarter, July was a negative month for pan-European markets with the U.K. continuing to lag. Continue Reading
  • Investment strategy quarterly - the road to recovery THE ROAD TO RECOVERY July 7, 2020 We maintain our belief in the ‘American Dream’ as described by James Truslow Adams, that “life should be better and richer and fuller for everyone, with opportunity for each according to ability or achievement,” regardless of social class or circumstances of birth. We not only acknowledge but embrace that we have work to do as a society, and hope that this year will serve as an inflection point as we advance toward a stronger and more united world. Continue Reading