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  • Budget Newsletter March 2023 March 18, 2023 Our Spring Budget Newsletter breaks down the Chancellor’s recent announcement, outlining what it means for you and helping you to plan for the new tax year - which is almost upon us. Continue Reading
  • When the balloon goes up March 2, 2023 In this month’s Market Commentary, Raymond James UK European Strategist, Jeremy Batstone-Carr, discusses a new term in the financial lexicon, a change in the market’s tone and why, despite the challenges ahead, there is cause for optimism in the long run. Continue Reading
  • Six Characters in Search of an Author February 2, 2023 In this month’s Market Commentary, Raymond James UK European Strategist, Jeremy Batstone-Carr, considers the impact of policy changes in China, plus a look at the UK equity market, the US dollar, and a spotlight on the world’s central bankers. Continue Reading
  • 2023 Outlook January 9, 2023 Our latest Investment Strategy Quarterly discusses the potential opportunities and challenges the new year may bring. With features broadly assessing the outlook for 2023, from an analysis of global developed markets to a search for context and opportunities against the backdrop of an economic slowdown. Read all this and more in Investment Strategy Quarterly: 2023 Outlook. Continue Reading
  • Restoring credibility December 5, 2022 Financial markets continued their revival from the early summer lows through November as investors’ perceptions regarding the risks prevalent throughout 2022 diminished somewhat. That those risks had not disappeared completely was evidenced by violent protests breaking out across China at the end of the month in response to the new Chinese government’s apparent desire to persist with its aggressive “zero Covid” policy. Continue Reading
  • Budget Newsletter November 21, 2022 The line between Statements and Budgets has blurred in recent years. Chancellor Jeremy Hunt’s second major announcement was designated as an Autumn Statement, but it will have a greater financial impact than most Budgets. A broad range of tax increases and spending cuts ensures that will be the case, regardless of the Treasury branding. Continue Reading
  • Peace in our time? October 29, 2022 Even those with the longest careers in the financial markets are struggling to remember a year quite as tumultuous as 2022 has proved to be. Military conflict in Ukraine and sabre-rattling over Taiwan have made headline news all year and served to intensify volatility across all international financial markets. Continue Reading
  • A time for Finesse October 5, 2022 Are you ready for some football? Not American football, but global football—otherwise known as soccer! For the five billion spectators awaiting the start of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar this November, the sport is the epitome of speed and agility. But for the players on the 32 participating teams, it is so much more. The deceptively simple-seeming game requires years of training. It goes beyond the fundamentals of ball control to pitch awareness, anticipation, and making the right decisions under duress quickly. Continue Reading
  • The Newest Member Of The Team September 30, 2022 Raymond James Latest Member! Over the past few weeks, we have welcomed a new member to the team, Nahla, a 6-month-old miniature Dachshund. Nahla has been keeping us all company in the office on most Wednesdays, becoming an integral part of the team. She fit straight into the team, providing some positivity throughout the week, and whilst there have been no chewed wires, there may have been an incident where she stole a sausage from Wayne’s lunch! Nahla will be keeping us company most Wednesdays, so when you next come to our office, feel free to come and say hello. Continue Reading
  • Growth plan newsletter September 26, 2022 What the Chancellor, Kwasi Kwarteng, presented to the House of Commons on Friday was definitively not a Budget; it was ‘The Growth Plan’. The sixth chancellor since 2016 was careful to avoid the B word, despite the huge sums of spending and borrowing that he announced – greater than in most, if not any, real Budgets, let alone mini-Budgets. When the Autumn Budget proper emerges - probably in November or December it is most unlikely to contain anywhere near such a wide range of radical and costly measures as were announced on 23 September. Continue Reading