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The line between Statements and Budgets has blurred in recent years. Chancellor Jeremy Hunt’s second major announcement was designated as an Autumn Statement, but it will have a greater financial impact than most Budgets. A broad range of tax increases and spending cuts ensures that will be the case, regardless of the Treasury branding.

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Age UK X Raymond James, Ribble Valley Fashion Show

Age UK x Raymond James, Ribble Valley Fashion Show

Tracey Board, Wealth Manager & Financial Planner at Raymond James, Ribble Valley extends a personal invitation to our up-and-coming Fashion Show.
“I have been working closely with a lady called Sharon Watson from the charity since the cost-of-living crisis started and we are more aware of the fact many in our local community would have to choose whether to ‘Heat or Eat’ this winter. It has been a particularly difficult time for the elderly and vulnerable, with the recent Lockdowns and fear of Coronavirus many in our community have been feeling isolated and alone.”

“This has inspired us to find a way to raise money for those affected in our area. As a socially conscious business we have found a way to recycle fashion items we have purchased and are looking for you to donate, just ‘ONE GOOD ITEM’ maybe a dress, shoes, or handbag that we don’t use, and we will hold a fashion show to auction these items off and raise money for AgeUK.”

Details of how the charity supports the elderly below:
Age UK Lancashire offers services and support to older people (aged 50 and over), as well as their families and carers, in Lancashire, Blackpool and North Sefton. Our vision is that everyone is living their best later life and we work towards this by ensuring that older people and their carers are fully informed of their rights and
entitlements; supporting those with long term conditions to remain as independent as possible; and connecting older people to their communities to combat isolation and loneliness.

“This fundraiser is for a cause that is close to my heart, after seeing many of our elderly family, friends and community feel so vulnerable and isolated over the last couple of years.”
If you’d like to donate ‘ONE GOOD ITEM’, please drop your donations at the Raymond James, Ribble Valley office on Berry Lane by the 10th November.

Tracey Board, Wealth Manager & Financial Planner at Raymond James, Ribble Valley.

“Thanks in advance for any donations, we are looking for one good piece from your wardrobe. This could be clothing, shoes or a handbag, to auction on the night.”

Just ONE GOOD ITEM can help us make a difference to the older people of Lancashire.

Age UK Lancashire believes that it is important to enable older people and their carers to have support to remain independent and to live interesting and fulfilled lives. We offer a range of services to help older people across Lancashire make more of their lives. Our care services are available to help frailer older people or those who feel lonely or isolated. We aim to assist older people in remaining active, independent and linked into
their local community.

Peace in our time?

Even those with the longest careers in the financial markets are struggling to remember a year quite as tumultuous as 2022 has proved to be. Military conflict in Ukraine and sabre-rattling over Taiwan have made headline news all year and served to intensify volatility across all international financial markets.

Raymond James Investment Services, proud to be in the heart of your community

A time for Finesse

Are you ready for some football? Not American football, but global football—otherwise known as soccer! For the five billion spectators awaiting the start of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar this November, the sport is the epitome of speed and agility. But for the players on the 32 participating teams, it is so much more. The deceptively simple-seeming game requires years of training. It goes beyond the fundamentals of ball control to pitch awareness, anticipation, and making the right decisions under duress quickly.

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The Newest Member Of The Team

Raymond James Latest Member!

Over the past few weeks, we have welcomed a new member to the team, Nahla, a 6-month-old miniature Dachshund. Nahla has been keeping us all company in the office on most Wednesdays, becoming an integral part of the team.

She fit straight into the team, providing some positivity throughout the week, and whilst there have been no chewed wires, there may have been an incident where she stole a sausage from Wayne’s lunch!

Nahla will be keeping us company most Wednesdays, so when you next come to our office, feel free to come and say hello.

Growth plan newsletter

What the Chancellor, Kwasi Kwarteng, presented to the House of Commons on Friday was definitively not a Budget; it was ‘The Growth Plan’. The sixth chancellor since 2016 was careful to avoid the B word, despite the huge sums of spending and borrowing that he announced – greater than in most, if not any, real Budgets, let alone mini-Budgets. When the Autumn Budget proper emerges – probably in November or December it is most unlikely to contain anywhere near such a wide range of radical and costly measures as were announced on 23 September.

Longridge Soapbox Derby

Longridge Soapbox Derby

Gary Ward, Head of Branch Financial Planning and Chairman of the Love Longridge business group shares the excitement building around the town for this years’ most talked about event: “We are delighted to be supporting this brilliant, new, fun event which is coming to Longridge in September.”

“Road closures are sorted, Kart applications have been received and the relevant teams are now busily building their perfect racing machines…. as well as choreographing dance routines to perform on the start platform!!”

“Why not see the action from close range? – volunteers are needed to help make the event run smoothly and we would love it if you would volunteer. There are all sorts of things you can do on the day, and you can volunteer as much time as you like. We will provide food and drink for everyone who helps us on the day…Go on! Be a part of the best event of the year!”

Wayne Hayhurst added: “If our involvement helps light the fire for other businesses and individuals to be involved that would be tremendous. The Soap Box Derby gives Longridge the opportunity to say to its residents and visitors, old and new, it’s not just a great place to live but has a real sense of community and purpose.”

See more pictures and details by following the link: lep.co.uk/whats-on/things-to-do/longridge-soap-box-derby

Special Thanks

Ultimately, none of this would have been possible without the shear willpower of some amazing guys, our very own Gary Ward & Wayne Hayhurst.

Thank you. You should be incredibly proud of what you, the community, and the Love Longridge group have achieved. I think it’s time for a bit of well-earned R&R.

What an event. What a team. What a community.
Bigger and better things to come next year… watch this space.

Raymond James, Ribble Valley Receives 4* Audit

Raymond James, Ribble Valley Receives 4* Audit

Sarah Carlin, Head of Branch Client Services at the Ribble Valley branch reflects on our recent branch audit. “We help our clients to make critical decisions about their future by understanding them, their values, goals, and aspirations”.

“As a team, we strive to operate at the very best our ability, refining our processes and implementing new ones to continue to deliver a first-class service to our clients. As a result of our efforts to stay ahead of the curve, we’re delighted to announce that we achieved the highest score attainable in our recent internal audit”.

“It is testament to the team, our hard work, and our constant drive to be the best in the business”.

Winter is coming, but greener pastures lie beyond

The summer months are typically characterised by limited news, thin trading volumes and illiquid conditions which, can serve to accentuate moves in financial asset prices both to the up and the downside. The summer of 2022 has proved an exception.

Raymond James Investment Services, proud to be in the heart of your community

Day One Of The Rest Of Your Life

Alastair Brown

Visualising what you want in retirement before you get there may lead to greater fulfilment, writes Alastair Brown of Raymond James

Like all major life events, transitioning into retirement will be an adjustment. One day you may go from your seat at the top as a powerful executive to an armchair in your living room. It is important that you are ready for that change, so you can step into your new life with confidence.

Without your career to define you, you may want to discover a new purpose. Finding the answer takes a lot of preparation – emotionally, physically and financially – and a lot of thought.

While the financial component is critical to a sustainable retirement people often forget to consider the psychological factors. If you can start visualising your ideal retirement now, you will set yourself up for a more satisfying and fulfilling one.



Experts say a steady transition into retirement makes for a more successful one. One psychologist suggests focusing on these key areas to consider the life you’re looking for:

Focus on enhancing relationships. Establish weekly game nights with friends or Sunday dinners with family, for example. Be sure to maintain or expand your social life and stay connected. Studies show having friends and family for entertainment and support significantly enhances a retiree’s quality of life.

Keep your mental and physical health a priority. Set up, keep wellness appointments and exercise daily. Don’t forget to relax. You have earned it! Take time for yourself when you need to and nap when you feel like it.

Set key milestones and make sure you feel as financially secure as possible. An adviser will make sure that your financial life is well organised, so you feel in control and won’t leave a mess behind for your loved ones when your time is up. Milestones are a bit like waypoints on a long journey, they enable you to check that you’re on course, without worrying about how much longer you’ve got to travel to get to the destination. Most people’s principal financial milestone is to get to a place where money is not something they worry about, nor holds them back from living the life they want.


Stay young at heart. Take up an old hobby or find a new one, learn welding or Spanish, play a new instrument. The point is to plan and embark on a new adventure every week, even if that’s tutoring a student in maths or trying a new restaurant. Find something that keeps your brain firing.

Be kind. Acts of kindness make everyone feel good. Volunteer, donate time or money, or contribute to your community in another way.

As you work to focus in on the activities that will help you live well on a day-to-day basis, make sure your vision is detailed in a well-documented financial plan. Being able to clearly articulate your vision helps to prioritise your needs, wants and wishes in order to figure out how to make them a reality.


As you approach retirement:
  • Visualise how you’d like to spend your days in retirement without a schedule to dictate your day
  • Consider each psychological/emotional aspect of your life to ensure it’s being fulfilled by your retirement plans Need help? Speak to one of our wealth managers today to ensure the financial plan you have in place will make your vision a reality