Tom O’Neill: New Birthday Cards

For many, a daily hike became an integral part of their routine during lockdown. For those in and around the Longridge area, they will immediately recognise the adjacent image of the highland cows. These placid animals quickly became ‘local celebrities’, attracting a great deal of visitors to their field atop green bank quarry each week.
This stunning picture was taken by local photographer Tom O’Neill and featured many times on the local community Facebook group, ‘Your Longridge’. Whilst giving our client birthday cards a facelift, we reached out to Tom via social media and asked if he would be willing to feature his striking images of the highland cows on the cover of our cards. Tom was delighted to help and as thank-you he asked us to make a donation to charity on his behalf.
“I would like to say a huge thank you to Raymond James, Ribble Valley for using my images for their birthday cards – it’s a supreme privilege and honour for me to have been asked”.